The first evidence on an Apple TV 5

 Apple TV emerges

after the first rumors indicating that Apple was working on a new Apple TV can withstand 4 K resolutions, has appeared a device identified as”AppleTV6, 2″running”tvOS 11.0″in game developer log records Phoenix HD what could be the new Apple TV 5.

the possible new Apple TV 5 running Phoenix HD

Firi Games, developers of the Phoenix HD and Phoenix II, games has detected the device in their log files. Identified as “AppleTV6, 2” could be new Apple TV 5 which would be under the codename J105 and which could launch this year . The mysterious device has been connected to the Phoenix HD game for Apple TV from the United States. In addition, the IP address from which did is in a range linked to the Apple headquarters in Cupertino .

this fifth edition of Apple’s device would arrive to renew the current model, released in October 2015, and with the id “AppleTV5, 3”, when Luca master, Chief Financial Officer of Apple, announced that in the last quarter would have decreased considerably the sales of the device compared to the same period of last year . Already in December 2015, the Taiwanese site Digitimes quoted sources of the supply chain that made reference to a new processor for higher performance for the next generation of Apple TV.

 Phoenix HD Apple TV

in 2013 also appeared a record on the new iPhone

is not the first time that it detects a new device from Apple in this way. In 2013 appeared in a record mention an iPhone 5s running iOS 7, about 9 months before was announced . This could be the presentation of the new Apple TV this year information which had already considered the average Bloomberg in the past.

and you, do you think necessary renewal of Apple TV?, you adquirirías a model with 4 K resolution?

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