The Fallen World: Survival horror in the city of pain

survive in The Fallen World is more difficult than it seems. You have to find resources to exchange for a safe place to save the game, allying yourself with the right people and survive against the nefarious creatures that roam through the dark city.

The Fallen World is a survival horror with elements of stealth focused RPG that takes place in a city overrun by ancient deities governing iron fist to inflict fear and pain to control the population. The gameplay puts you in control of a survivor who must be the sufficiently stealthy when it comes to collect food and water, whether for own consumption or use them as barter for a safe place to sleep (the only way to save the game). According to DarkSpace Games the Developer Studio, expected players to think carefully about actions taken and with potential allies who cross his path.

“from the beginning the player is with a small piece of a puzzle that is much larger and more intricate of objectives and loyalties that have the information necessary to resolve. These motivations and actions is as the player survives “ DarkSpace Games details .” The Studio Developer also points out that The Fallen World is not going to be easy for players who are used to a full information of HUD assistance. In this game there will be any information on screen that will be of assistance, thus providing an experience more immersive in a world where all are struggling to survive.

The Fallen World has an open world to explore the dark streets of the city where nefarious creatures roam. A direct physical confrontation against these enemies is equal to suicide, so that the key is to be stealthy when looking for resources and allies. In fact the majority of the inhabitants are not soldiers or even weapons enthusiasts. They are only people whose realities have been undone and, as such, are not trained to carry firearms. The narrative is driven by the player through their actions (and consequences) taking it to multiple endings. The Fallen World is being developed by DarkSpace Games and will be available in Windows. By the time the game does not have a specific release date.

official site: The Fallen World

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