The failure of the unstoppable combos of “Street Fighter II: The World Warrior”

how I’m passionate about video games archaeology! To the Indiana Jones, but the cannibals and fatter quiet from my house. And that’s why, on this occasion desenterramos “ Street Fighter II: The World Warrior ” and we uncovered a bug that, used properly, quite rude breaks a level of the game in a way. We talked about the failure of unstoppable combos which drain completely, the life of one of the fighters of the Capcom classic (even if it is full).

as these combos require skill a lot to achieve them successfully, and as a single work against Vega (the claws), this fault could go unnoticed for the majority of us (including myself) to the present day. Today, after 26 years of the launch of the game, finally a courageous took over play them, burn them, and upload them to YouTube, a video with never-before-seen shots.

the fault in question, as already mentioned, only works against the loving character of claws and flamenco: the agile Vega (known in Japan as Balrog). It happens that Vega can continue being attacked while it falls to the floor if it is shot down by a type of shot in specific points on the screen. This allows that you can continue connecting you hits ad infinitum to completely empty your life bar.


spent a lot of time testing combos of what you could do with this fault against a ‘puppet controlled by the CPU.'” clarifies the user Desk in the description of your video. “ simply there was no other way of doing it, since the four Chief characters are not playable in SF2:WW.” This means that I had to slowly learn how to manipulate the actions of the Vega controlled by the CPU. These combos require much accuracy to take advantage of the flaw, Vega steps at specific points of the screen should be measured. This manipulation of artificial intelligence was vital.

see, for more serious have been fails, not offering too many drawbacks to players of the classic game of bouts of Capcom.” First, because it was (and is) very difficult to exploit. Secondly, because it could only be exploited against a character that SF2:WW was not playable, so could not be exploited in the multiplayer . So, which was receiving unfair beatings was the CPU. No human being was damaged in the course of this bug.

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