The enemy of Siri: Google launches his assistant in Spanish

the wizard of Google voice which was introduced a year ago, is now available in Spanish. are going to become the enemy of Siri ? Keep reading.

Google presented their voice Assistant for a year

a year ago Google introduced us his assistant’s voice, now as it is available in the language of Cervantes. still can only enjoy this language in conversations in text . Are you coming to compete with Siri? Check it yourself since it is available for Android and iOS.

 Google Assistant

what can we do with this new wizard?

official blog from Google in Spanish we can find more detailed information about this new application and functionality. Among others we report that:

can plan activities : If you wake up one day and you’ve been with your friends for a drink but don’t know where. Now, just type @Google in the chat’s of Allo you have with your friends and ask for suggestions for restaurants. In addition, you can find out how to get to the place in question, without having to leave the application.

we can get answers : you can directly ask the wizard when held an event and the latest news related to the same. You can try to prepare a trip with only an ask the wizard ‘ what can I do in Brussels?’, ‘what time will do?’ or ask how you say certain things in French.

 Google Assistant Google Assistant in English

are you boring? : you can ask him to tell you something funny or if you want to play, you will answer with jokes and games; from a Pac-man games based on emojis.

tea will help organize you : you can ask the Assistant that you put an alarm to warn you of a meeting or remind you that you have to pick up that order in post.

Te suggests responses according to conversations held

now also going to help respond to your messages without having to write anything. can be re spuestas intelligent suggestions based on the context of the conversation maintained by. From the blog indicated that if they ask you ‘Do you come?’ you can quickly respond with a ‘yes’.

in addition, these responses suggest comments on pictures if they send you a landscape photo you can answer automatically a ‘great!’ among other responses. In addition, it is based on a system of automatic learning, so as uses it more more will learn and more accurate will be the answers . This functionality is available from Allo in the coming weeks.

 Google Assistant Google Assistant in his presentation

Google is very excited about the arrival of this new wizard. If you want to try do not have more than download Allo in the App Store and check if it will be a threat to Siri. If you have already tried it don’t hesitate to leave us your comments and opinions below.

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