The director of the FBI says that they have not had access to half of the analyzed mobile devices

the FBI takes a few complicated months due to the fact that in the first half of this fiscal year have not had access to the contents of more than 3,000 mobile which were collected in different crimes. Let us remember that the FBI has made negotiations with different companies, which includes Apple, with the motive that can help and assist in the extraction of content on mobile phones confiscated. 

half of mobile confiscated by the FBI does not have been able to be examined

James Comey, FBI director has declared this fact, where “tools and appropriate techniques” have been used to extract the information with all the legal authority to do so. the number of devices is not only accurate, says that it is half of mobile.

 FBI the FBI was able to secure its role in extracting information from mobile.

With this statement, the director of the FBI tries to give a new message for all companies to come together to share information in order to have a larger area of security between users. 

with regard to the reality of backdoors was questioned and said:

we all love the privacy, we are concerned about public safety and none of us want to rear doors. We want to work with manufacturers is to find out how we can accommodate both interests in a sensible way.

has also stated that it is engaging in relations with the private sector. It is realistic to say that you don’t know how to end this series of meetings, but he hinted that looking for agreement to propose a law to fabricate devices in the U.S. and give judicial amparo to the Feds need to investigate any terminal. 

Apple finally give control of your devices?

 office of the FBI the FBI will continue to looking for mobile data extraction methods.

Apple is one of the companies that have manufacturing out of the United States. Current laws do not oblige the company to deliver any information that the Feds have access to this type of Terminal. “

 iPhone iPhone 5 c and 5 mobiles are more insurance according to the passage of time.

The event that we remember all of San Bernardino came to such an extent that the FBI had to rely on an external company (Cellebrite) which provided him with a specialized software to unlock the famous iPhone 5 c. This device was the mastermind of this attack which allegedly used. Finally, the FBI failed to obtain any information from this terminal. 

the technology companies are developing new security measures to their terminals. Samsung Galaxy S8 have recently seen the addition of iris reader, or because the traditional facial recognition. All of these technologies will hinder in future that the FBI once again try to investigate an alien device.

what do you think about this topic? Does the FBI have reason with their requirements? Share your opinions with us in the comments box.

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