The classic Ghosts’N Goblins Mobile is now available in iOS

now you can relive the arcade classic Ghosts ‘N Goblins on your iPhone and iPad

If you’re a lover of video games will know without a doubt the exploits of Sir Arthur, the gentleman protagonist of the mythical saga Ghosts’ N Goblins developed by Capcom for the arcades by a distant 1985 the game was a success due to two major factors, its subject matter and its high difficulty, they were Ghosts’N Goblins a game highly addicting. Now you can relive this classic of leisure in your own iPhone and iPad classrooms helping the Arthur Knight save the Princess from the clutches of monsters.

Capcom launches for the first time the classic original Ghosts’N Goblins Mobile for iOS what can revive this legendary game anytime, anywhere using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the game also includes a classic mode that is more faithful to the original.

Ghosts’N Goblins Mobile, a renovated Classic

the mechanics of Ghosts’N Goblins Mobile is always, we must control the character while we move forward by a side-scrolling from left to right across the screen, dodging and attacking the hordes of monsters that invade the screen. This delivery for mobile includes improved equipment for Sir Arthur, protagonist of the title. In addition, 2 game modes are available: one for those experienced in the franchise players, and other casual, perfect for insiders in this difficult title. Ghosts’N Goblins Mobile also includes achievements and leaderboards, rankings, what we can serve to chop us in achieving the highest ranking.

Although the touch controls are not the best for this type of game, will enjoy seeing how the main character Sir Arthur moves quickly through cemeteries and haunted castles, with or without pants, a perfectly reproduced form that remembers those crazy 80s games perfectly.

Download Ghosts’N Goblins Mobile from the App Store

If you do not have this mythical action for iPhone and iPad game, you can get with the through the direct download link, from the App Store, you’ll find below.

Ghosts’N Goblins Mobile is in the App Store, requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with any iOS device either iPhone, iPad and iPod touch compatible. Available language: English.

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