The best Nintendo NES games that you don’t know (to download and play!)

that follow us know it. In NeoTeo are cataloging, little by little, the lost jewels of Nintendo NES . Have already spoken of pirated games games cancelled games forgotten … and even revolutionary games ! Today we have to unearth the best hidden games from our catalog of the 8-bit Nintendo console . Games that, for one reason or another, passed under the radar of most of us, and became known recently with the awakening of the emulators. Treasures that circumstances denied a deserved classic status. Hidden gems that deserve recognition, albeit one so late like this.

as we have always done a packet with the ROM of all the games from the list and here you have to download . In this case, I recommend using the Fceux emulator which looks a lot like Nestopia but that is compatible with the ROM patched (with translations into English of some games). Nestopia gives problems with those ROM. Remember that this list is completely arbitrary and they have been many games outside, so soon there will be a second part. If you want to leave your recommendations in the comments, you are more than welcome. And now, Yes. The most important thing. the best hidden games Nintendo NES!

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