“The Apple website will be prepared to introduce the new generation of iPad and iPhone network

 network iPhone

the website of Apple tomorrow, Tuesday March 21 will be closed for maintenance . page will be closed from 12 am until 5.30 am (time of Cupertino) . Major speculation considered that it will be by the incorporation of new and expected products of Apple.

so inform it in its own section of system States

as reported by the website State of the system review Apple will tomorrow be closed for a few hours for maintenance. Many rumors say that this closure may be due to the introduction of new products on the web and in the Apple store.

 System Status Page

we will see new products on the Apple website?

would have anything to do with the new products that will hopefully arise us? Many rumors suggest that Yes.

the first reason to take into account is the time that will reopen again the website . Usually Apple, has sent its ads to the press at 8.30 am (time of Cupertino), well be with information about new products or invitations to events. So, they are those who are the products appearing tomorrow at the Apple website, it will most likely are announced in a statement to the press instead of the expected new event.

another reason to keep in mind is to observe the behavior of Apple in the past. Whenever new products have been launched from Cupertino have closed their web maintenance . It is mainly to upload all new content to the web, products for sale and relevant information.

 iPad Pro

Finally, we will find new iPad

tomorrow could find us with a renewed web in which we would finally see a new version of iPad Pro . Find us with three sizes, one of 9.7, another 10.5 and 12.9-inch. A new and revamped iPhone is 128GB and more products. Potentially, we would be faced with a new iPhone network.

already know (RED) section that during the last ten years, has helped to slow the progress of AIDS . Part of the money invested in the purchase of one of the products under the network code, are intended for the fight against AIDS. Got money, they have provided support, diagnostic tests and drugs to prevent the transmission of HIV from mothers to children.

 Product Apple Red

so far only we found mainly covers for iPhone and iPad, accessories such as speakers or headphones, in the network section. Only the iPod in its three versions (Shuffle, Nano and Touch) have their version with the characteristic red color . Many believe that it will be now when Apple is set to get a new iPhone with the distinctive RED.

from Apple5x1 we will inform you of all the latest tomorrow ourselves in concerning the web and expected Apple products. Do you think that they will surprise us with new products? Leave your opinion in the comments.

via MacRumors

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