The Apple Watch with battery problems will have 3 year warranty

Apple will take care of the battery of the original Apple Watch a total of 3 years

Apple announced today by an official statement to the Apple Watch series one, i.e. the launched in 2015, will have special coverage of the guarantee of its batteries for a period of 3 years.

This means that all those Apple Watch series 1 showing abnormalities in the battery may order a free replacement since Apple has detected that there is a game of the battery of the original model of your watch that can suffer drainage or swelling.

Change the battery of the Apple Watch even if you don’t have Apple Care

the problem with this model of Apple Watch batteries does not seem to be very common, but the number of cases around the world has convinced Apple to extend the product warranty up to 3 years .

Through its press release Apple stated that:

for replacement of the battery will not lack have the extended Apple Care warranty, but that all Apple Watch original (Series 1) showing problems are covered with those 3 years warranty, remember that it is only for the batteries.

Apple Watch Series 3 could be presented this year

just last year Apple introduced the second version of its Apple Watch 2 series by surprise, the innovations that included are summarized in these:

  • a CPU more powerful, up to 50% faster.
  • GPU twice as fast.
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters deep.
  • New screen.
  • New battery.

They were not major changes regarding the 1 Series, especially if we count to what Apple has accustomed us, yet now are rumored to be this year Apple Watch could present series 3 .

The new watch could incorporate a screen MicroLED offering a higher resolution, brightness and lower consumption of battery which is essential in this type of devices, other rumors include the possibility of make FaceTime calls from our own clock and a more rounded appearance. The new Apple Watch Series 3 could occur in September.

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