The App Store will increase prices in countries where

 App Store are paid with euros

Apple has notified the developers via the App Store on a rise in prices in applications in any country where the euro is the official currency and in those countries where accept the euro as payment method. This means that countries like Mexico (which the App Store accepts payment in euros despite being in this country) will enter into this rise in prices so it will not be possible to cross any type of currency to get a cheaper price, quite the opposite.

the change will enter into force during the next week, expected before the weekend. The reason is always, exchange rates. 

Apple is aware that rates are highly variable and therefore the App Store will rise prices

due to the constant changes in the exchange rates, the prices for applications and purchases within them (excluding those subscriptions with automatic renewal) will increase in Denmark, Mexico and all the territories using the euro currency in the next 7 days (…) You can change the price of your subscription at anytime in iTunes Connect with the option to keep the prices of existing subscribers.

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are also announced changes regarding tax value-added for Taiwan, 5% will be applied from May 1 by which prices applications and shopping inside of them rise their prices.

is nothing surprising, since his elevation because of the behavior of the dollar and prices has affected several countries. If you are about to buy some application payment in Europe or your payment currency is euro advantage to buy what you need from the App Store, the increase appears to be significant. 0.99 cents of euro that normally would cost a basic app, will rise to € 1.09 and thus gradually as it can be seen in the following table filtered by the French site iPhoneAddict . “

 increase App Store prices euro

what do you think of this new increase in the price of applications? we will see another increase in the year? share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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