“The 7 network iPhone and is 128 GB were not helpful to raise sales of the iPhone according to IDC

 iPhone 7 PRODUCT network

after obtaining data from sales of Apple in the first quarter, found that there has been a greater number of sales after the launch of the 7 network along with iPhone iPhone is of 128 GB.

a first quarter very light for Apple with the iPhone 7 network and is 128 GB

IDC has today provided the data obtained by Apple in this first quarter sales. Despite the fact that they have renovated the iPhone is and they have released 7 PRODUCT (RED) iPhone, sales have remained very similar.

in the previous quarter, Apple earned 51.2 million while in this first quarter of 2017 sold roughly $ 51.6 million iPhone.

7 Plus iPhone was the star of the month of January, was responsible for throwing the figures higher in the quarter. “

the renewal fails to operate iPhone  

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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in PRODUCT (RED)

the iPhone boom 7 and 7 Plus red – PRODUCT (RED) – thought that it was going to be a boom in sales since it has supposed to be the first iPhone in be integrated in this campaign against AIDS.

perhaps the controversy that exists regarding the color of the front of the iPhone has taken many users back, because that would have liked to ones that had been in black instead of white.

particularly think that white it looks great with the red on the rear, but it is that it is like watching an iPod touch in terms of aesthetic .

when the remodelling of the interior of the iPhone, including 32 and 128 GB storage capacity, is not over nor jig. We are in 32 GB insufficient. “ would be an iPhone is this year?

most users think that 64 GB is the perfect capacity for a device. Add 128 GB of storage to iPhone is a bit overkill.

and you, what do you think? do you think that Apple should follow some other type of strategy to increase your sales?

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