The 2017 WWDC could bring us the first products for the home with Apple IA

rumors, rumors and more rumors. As the date for the first appearance of the year by Apple (WWDC) approaches, many analysts are running new household products where the protagonist is the artificial intelligence (AI) .

new product IA from Apple at WWDC

the famous analyst of KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo, has just published a new report which States that probably from Cupertino submitted a new product for the home. This product is a speaker with built-in Siri where the big advantage could be the artificial intelligence of the wizard. Kuo calls it “ the first product Apple AI ” at WWDC in June.

this new Apple product will compete with the Echo Amazon and Google Home from the second half of the year date that is expected to exit the market.

 siri Siri on iPhone

Kuo says that the Apple product will feature”great”sound with seven tweeters (responsible for the high frequencies) and a subwoofer for quality premium (in charge of reproducing low frequencies). As you can see, Wissler a product more premium than the Echo Amazon so its price also could be top .

the report of KGI is not something safe, even the same Ming-Chi Kuo forecast that right now, there is more of one 50% chance of Apple to announce this “Siri Speaker” in June . This leaves some margin in the event that Apple make any change in plans due to problems of manufacturing or development.

when the river sounds, water leads

Sonny Dickson predicted a product launch Siri Speaker in the next edition of the WWDC last week. Dickson said the device had a design similar to the current Mac Pro for what we are already two analysts of prestige in this new product.

 Mac Pro design of the Mac Pro

KGI says that the IA in the home market is becoming too big Apple is to ignore it. Many analysts point out that the Echo Amazon could exceed in iPad sales in 2018 . A significant data, taking into account that the iPad is the best-selling tablet globally.

Asian Analyst expects Apple to send around 10 million of these devices in the first year of availability. This Siri Speaker could be manufactured by the company Inventec the same company that Apple commissioned the production of the AirPods .

some of the hardware at the WWDC

once again, Kuo said his doubts when it comes to fix a date for the launch of this new product from Apple. However, everything seems to indicate that it will be released (and on sale) before year’s end. If confirmed this product presentation at WWDC it would make much sense. The WWDC is where Apple will present the next update of your virtual assistant. New integrations with Siri SDK for developers and product on sale at the end of the year could be the big announcement from Apple along with iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 .

 WWDC 2017

it is no wonder that Apple can go releasing new accessories from this smart speaker. Accessories that may offer integration with Apple chip W1. At the end of last year, it was reported that Apple had canceled development of its AirPort line of wireless products for home . The inauguration of this new product by Apple could be related, since the AirPort Express already provided some forms that users forward their iTunes music wirelessly to home.

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