Tesla surpasses Ford and General Motors market

each time value that Tesla appears in the specialized media automatically receive our attention, but the reason this time is not technical, but that belongs entirely to the business world. Tesla shares gained more than five points in the last hours, placing it above the $303. That triggered its market capitalization to about $53 billion, beating out two historical Titans of the automotive industry as Ford and GM .

if one stops to study hard and pure numbers of both companies, it is difficult to draw a line of competition between Ford and Tesla . The best example is in net income: Ford won $ 26 billion over five years, while Tesla has a red of 2,300 million in the same period. Something similar happens with the number of units (ael otro lado deel charco, la línea F de camionetas Ford puede entregar en tres o cuatro semanas el mismo número de coches que vende Tesla en un año) but once investors speak with their money, the market does nothing other than keep pace.

all the chips on the Model 3? We will know soon.

Shares of Tesla are a hot item in these last days, and NASDAQ closed its value yesterday at 303.70 dollars, a jump of 5.18 dollars, or a 1.74 per cent. That translates into a market capitalization of more than $53 billion. In the case of Ford, it is 45.190 million, and GM floated about 50 billion. What grounds there are for that «a startup» (according to many experts) are worth more than two giants with a century of experience on her shoulders? Firstly, Tesla tells a story about growth. In the first quarter of this year, the company delivered 25 thousand electric vehicles and hopes to keep that level for the remainder of the semester.

and second… is the Model 3 . Economists have been repeated endlessly that Tesla actions respond to «hope» transmitting Model 3 with its price of 35 thousand dollars. Second half of 2017 will be critical, and there are many who expect to see Model 3 on the street.

(N. deel R.: Business Insider indica que GM permanece arriba de Tesla en capitalización, pero varias fuentes contradicen esos datos.) I will continue editing as you receive more information.)

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