Technology: where is the originality?

to be a sector that boasts of being the champion of innovation and change, the consumer technology segment seems to have lost all its originality. There are few who really invent something new, and the vast majority of releases we’re seeing are copies of earlier ideas. 

Don’t believe me? Look at these examples:

Spotify announced a few days ago that he will take out a show called “Traffic Jams”. Mmmm. sounds dangerously similar to the “Carpool Karaoke” from James Corden (now in the hands of Apple Music). 

Speaking of Apple Music and spotify and Deezer and Tidal and other streaming services, all offer really the same. They are a copy of small pieces of each other in the search for the model that gets more subscribers and more income. 

Not all copies go wrong. Look at the progress of the smartphones from Samsung, which began being a vile copy of what Apple introduced 10 years ago with the iPhone, but now – with your S8 – seems to be the phone expiring in 2017.

Or look at the example of Alibaba, the world’s largest retailer. Alibaba business is he who launched Amazon 23 years ago (Yes, twenty-three years ago) and is so large that while Black Friday or Cyber Monday are generated US $ 4,450 and $ 2,680 million respectively, Alibaba sold $ 15,000 million within 24 hours of their “singles day”.

Well, one thing is copy once. But another is to be Facebook. Yes, I agree that the original idea of Zuckerberg was revolutionary (if not we would not be here) but since the social network mas grande del mundo has been dedicated to copy and copy. 

90% of the new features of Facebook (and instagram and WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) are blatant Copies of Snapchat (whom Zuckerberg tried to buy for $ 3,000 million in 2013 unsuccessfully). 

To show them that I’m going to give four more obvious examples of copies that Facebook has made to Snapchat:

1.Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Stories = Snapchat stories

Snapchat dede years ago had the Stories as photos which one sends, but instead of being a person, any person can see it and last 24 hours. This is exactly what are the Stories of Facebook and Instagram and new types of WhatsApp Status.

2. Facebook Messenger in-app camera = camera Selfie of Snapchat

really is no go that recognizes Snapchat rather than your camera from selfie that is always there by the hand, and any other messaging applications had wanted to have a camera, so far. Facebook Messenger now includes the idea of sending photos with the Chamber’s Messenger, just like that Snapchat.

3.Facebook Filters (MSQRD) = Snapchats Filters

another thing that was unique to Snapchat were your filters, the famous Rainbow coming out of the mouth, or face-swap with a friend. Once Facebook bought from MSQRD (which had an application with these same filters) has incorporated them to its platform under the name of Facebook Filters.

4. Facebook Messenger scannable codes = Snapchats codes for friends

the scannable codes are an easy way to add new friends. Line has them, Kik has them, Snapchat has them, and now, also, Facebook has them.

To this we could add the introduction of functions of crowdfunding, which the company announced last week – identical to the GoFundMe functionality, as to who don’t believe that we are only thinking about SnapChat. 

Really is creativity in the technology area, will be that someone can save us lost?

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