TCO certified: Notebooks from HP get sustainability certificate

in future notebooks are checked HP from by TCO development sustainability. A successful testing is then certified to the manufacturer using a certificate TCO certified . About the working conditions in the production of the systems on the ground are when assessing which itself complies with the requirements of ISO 14024, consider social aspects, in addition to environmental criteria. Thus, it represents a considerable help for buyers or for tenders, in which these criteria should be taken into account. Dell and Lenovo can select notebook models have longer there test and certify.

 label TCO certified (graphic: TCO development)

on a Product Finder on the TCO website can find out which devices must bear the seal. HP EliteBook belong to currently 840 G4 820 G4, EliteBook, HP mt 43 and the ProBook models 430 G4, G4 440 and 450 G4.

“company, certified according to TCO certified, highlight that sustainability for them is an important aspect for the success of the company”, says Sören Enholm, CEO of TCO development press release in a . “Dell, HP and Lenovo today produce the bulk of all notebooks, which are sold worldwide. The voluntary certification shows environmentally friendly and social, to produce and to respond to the growing environmental awareness of IT buyers the manufacturer’s commitment.” For Enholm, the step is also a testament to the power of the customers: “Customers on the market make active choices and any follow not just the industry, the manufacturers respond.”

 with the TCO certified label the efforts of manufacturers for sustainable production - from environmental as well as social reasons - should be rewarded. (Image: TCO development) with the TCO certified label the efforts of manufacturers for sustainable production – from environmental as well as social reasons – should be rewarded. (Image: TCO development)

with TCO certified only products certified, where independent companies has been tested, whether they meet all important criteria for the seal of approval. While the product itself under the magnifying glass is taken on the one hand, about with respect to toxic substances, the energy efficiency, product life time or the consumption of rare earths. On the other hand, but also the production and managing social be checked with the employees in the production and to determine to what extent sustainability in the company as a whole plays an important role. The manufacturer must also ensure that its suppliers act responsibly.

TCO development has emerged from the per device launched by Swedish TCO workers Association for the ergonomics of monitors. After that prevailed as the most relevant seals in the area, the activity was expanded 2010 projectors, headset and notebooks on other IT products, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, all-in one PCs. Peculiarity of the TCO certified label is collected not only environmental, but also social aspects – thus also confirms to what extent the manufacturer takes seriously its social and economic responsibility, the so-called corporate social responsibility (CSR).

from the manufacturers for the award calls

TCO development first to meet all requirements in terms of environmental sustainability, ergonomics, and energy. In addition, they must provide evidence that the production to the core standards for socially responsible working conditions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) is compliant. To perform scheduled social audits on the spot by independent testing authorities. Also participating in programs such as EICC and SA8000 is intended.

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