Camera test: Google pixel XL beats Apple iPhone 7 plus

October 19, 2016 knbrothers 0

In the detailed camera review by CNET is the Google pixels in almost all areas compared to the Apple iPhone 7 plus enforce. The tester attest the camera technology in the new Google phone especially in low light conditions clear advantages. Only when shooting portraits that reflected iPhone 7 plus […….]

HP and Movado first smart analogue put before

October 13, 2016 knbrothers 0

HP the first watches from his cooperation has presented with the Movado Group, namely analogue with discrete Smartphone connection . HPs smart platform is like on the BASELWORLD 2016 in March announced watches, which appear under the brand name ‘ Ferrari, coach, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture and Tommy Hilfiger. none […….]

October 7, 2016 knbrothers 0

incurred charges remain high despite a change in the law in October 2013 introduced law against dubious business practices has not as hoped meant that the cost of warnings for copyright violations go back. This is an investigation of the Federal Association of consumer centres. Accordingly, the average comparison requirements […….]

Report: Fujitsu to PC Division to Lenovo sale

October 7, 2016 knbrothers 0

Fujitsu apparently plans to sell its PC business to Chinese Group Lenovo , Nikkei Asian review today the Japanese business newspaper reported. The company wants to focus more on higher-priority areas, such as IT services. want this month an agreement the two companies. One way would be to transfer the […….]

Google pixel – Phaeton among the Smartphones

October 5, 2016 knbrothers 0

[Kommentar] with the pixel smartphones occurs Google in direct competition with the champions in the Smartphonemarkt Apple and Samsung . This is first of all not so bad idea. Finally, only these two producers can sell their phones at a profit. For others, this is a grant business. To make […….]