“Swansea University shows us his impressive dressing smart

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University of Swansea

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the world of medicine moves by leaps and you have proof of what I say in the innumerable news speaking of new drugs, Robotics is at the service of all types of surgeons or how 3D printing is helping in all kinds of fields within their own medicine. Proof of this is the latest project carried out by researchers from the University of Swansea where we has managed to develop a Smart dressing .

if made look back, except for the new completely custom cerulas for each patient thanks to 3D printing, the truth is that the world of the plasters or bandages is not that it has moved too, at least until now since this project from the University of Swansea will allow knowing if a wound is healing properly after placing a bandage on it.

thanks to this smart bandage will improve significantly the quality of life of patients with wounds.

the idea base of this project is the get placed a series of sensors capable of transmitting data about the State of his own wound through a connection 5 g. thanks to this peculiar bandage could be achieved that any doctor can follow the State of healing of a patient specifically in real time reducing considerably the number of times that this should go to a consultation for routine Checkup well that sometimes you could avoid getting that both doctors and patients can devote that time to other tasks.

as explained by Marc Clement President of the Institute of Sciences of life:

5G is an opportunity to produce resistant and robust bandwidth that is always there for the purpose of medical care. This is an approach multiecnologico, nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, 3D printing and the biochemistry of coatings all interconnected through 5 G infrastructure to allow us to provide health care to a patient with a wound, which offers better results for its cure and a better quality of life.

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