Surface laptop: Microsoft Unveils standard notebook

Microsoft laptop announced with the surface notebook in conventional construction. Thus the hardware differs from the previous models in the surface as wanted to be about the hybrid Surface Pro, Tablet and notebook at the same time. Moreover, the new notebook as the first device with the new operating system version comes S Windows 10 that represents something like a closed platform.

of the price here but it remains in the upper surface category. In the United States starting at $999, it will be available in Germany from 1149 euro. For that, the buyer Gets a 13.5-inch model, which weighs only 1.25 kg and with even relatively thin for a notebook is 14.5 mm. Components are at least the CPU core i5 from Intel’s current Kaby Lake generation, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD memory installed. A variant with core i7, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage 1799 euros. With 16 and 512 GB thats on 2499 euro increase. The delivery in Germany notified the manufacturer depending on the model variant from June 15. or August 15. 2017.

 surface laptop (image: Sarah Tew / surface laptop (image: Sarah Tew /

Microsoft also highlights the keyboard”luxurious Alcantara-related”and offers cobalt blue, Platinum Grey, gold and Burgundy color options. USB 3.0 in full size and mini-DisplayPort include the connections, but the manufacturer avoids still USB type-C. Instead, the proprietary surface connect to connect to Microsoft’s surface dock is to find. Microsoft promises a remarkable battery life of 14.5 hours for video playback.

the surface notebook is “optimized for Windows 10 S” and is delivered only with this just presented version of the operating system. Thus evident that this is intended not only as competition for chrome OS and is used in low-priced notebooks starting at $189 in schools. Microsoft presents Windows 10s rather consumers “for highest safety and performance requirements”. But this also means that they can work only with applications from the Windows store, some peripherals is not supported, and some default configurations, functions and apps are not changeable.

Microsoft seems to be whether also with PCs such restrictions acceptance find, as they are common in mobile operating system for smart phones and tablets not even sure. Until the end of the year, buyers of the surface laptop to can make a free upgrade on Windows 10 Pro and also again deploy applications, which are not available in Microsoft’s Windows store.

who decides later, must pay $49 for it. In any case an upgrade is irreversible and no later downgrade to be possible as Microsoft manager Joe Belfiore to said: ‘the transition goes only in one direction. If they are changed to Pro even if you are installing applications from the Internet, these applications have an unpredictable impact. Many applications behave properly, but many others add the boot or login path of Windows code. Therefore it is not reversible, if you once did, without compromising these applications.”

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