Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S, the new rivals from Apple

it seems that competition in the world of technology does not rest and now it is the turn of Microsoft. Redmond’s just announced some interesting as the Surface Laptop or Windows 10 S increased competition for Apple.

Windows 10 S, Minecraft, Teams and mixed reality as Kings of the software

Microsoft played several fronts at your event on the day of today, hardware, software and news which we will then analyze.  The first thing that presented us the Redmond software capabilities was Windows 10 S . This operating system seeks to compete with Google Chrome OS and iOS on iPad .

is a lighter version of Windows 10, more manageable for administrators and that will allow to use the new features that have been added to the software Microsoft Teams within the Office catalogue.

 windows 10 s Windows 10 S

However, although promise us safer, faster and a better duration of the life of our PC batteries this version of software only allows you to use applications downloaded from the store of the own Microsoft applications . Farewell to the third-party applications that are not within the official store.

Moreover, Teams also will have new options specially designed for education, as forums students of a given classroom Toolkit send different exercises as well as ability to create subgroups of chat for students. An important fact is that Microsoft did not give more clues about how it plans to manage all these private data of students within these groups. “

 Minecraft: Education Edition Minecraft: Education Edition

the educational edition of Minecraft (Minecraft: Education Edition) also has been updated so that players can choose platforms like Tynker and ScratchX codes . The own open source platform from Microsoft, MakeCode, to learn JavaScript will also be integrated in the new code of Minecraft: Education Edition . Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) has pointed out on many occasions that the students should learn to program from small. A tough opponent for Swift’s Apple Playground .

another point where Apple seems also going to have to compete with Microsoft is in reality augmented (AR), although Microsoft opts for mixed reality (MR) a technology designed for the living room of our home with new features in its next operating system Windows 10 S. Microsoft bets on 3D and mixed reality for all those images generated by our PC , are transferred to the screens of our tablets, phones and even virtual reality goggles. Microsoft will also have a new partner (Pearson Education) for power include 3D devices and mixed reality within the school curriculum in 2018 . Some animations and graphs of Power Point already be displayed in 3D to provide greater realism to presentations. Surface Laptop the newest Microsoft hardware

in the presentation of Microsoft saw the presentation of a new product, the Surface Laptop . As its name indicates we have a Laptop (laptop) designed and thought for students.

this product will be one of the first to carry the new operating system Windows 10 S . The new Surface Laptop is very different from Microsoft alternatives on the market.

 Surface Laptop Microsoft

on the one hand we find the Surface Pro a most popular two in one market (the iPad Pro direct rival), thanks to its high resolution screen that connects to an intelligent keyboard to tablet computer (do you sound really?). The Surface Book near Surface Pro family, has a more solid keyboard, although it continues to offer a removable screen to be able to convert it into tablet.

returning to the Surface Pro, are facing a 13-inch screen, a version that is lighter than the MacBook Pro with that size while its internal components are: Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage.

 MacBook 12 ' 12″

MacBook screen is touch, and can be used with the stylus Pen Surface of Microsoft (rival of Apple Pencil) . However, this screen does not permit to be bent at an angle of 360 degrees or separates from the keyboard as other options with stylus. Microsoft promises that your battery will last 14 hours, which places it at the top of its category, above the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

If Windows 10 S is directed to students, I do not understand why the price of the Surface scale to 999 $a not-very-attractive price for this segment of people. The Surface Laptop would fit better with a full version of Windows 10. We’ll see if Apple moves tab next month of June when it presents its operating systems macOS 10.13 and iOS 11 .

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