Super Mario Run available for Android

after exclusive arrival that took on the platform of iOS Android users had to arm themselves with patience for three months to see the icon to reach number 1 in the large N. Super Mario Run comes to Play Store!

Super Mario Run months after is finally available for all Android devices. Its delay is due to the exclusivity that had Apple with Nintendo. Despite having to wait several months for your arrival, Mario makes it the best way an endless runner that is worth discovering.

this new installment of Mario offers us a simple multimode game title. One called World Tour that is classic mode in which we will have to overcome phases through the six available worlds. Then we will have another call Kingdom Builder that allows us to create, edit, and move to taste our realm. And the last is career mode in which we can compete against users from all over the world.

automatic jumps something that bothered me enough are in terms of the gameplay. Our character run automatically and it is a custom in the endless runner but that all the obstacles that we face not required no action on our part takes away the fun.

are going to strong data. As expected, this installment for Android will also ask us disburse money for the unlockable content . 10 euros are necessary in order to finish the game, a rather high number that shall be paid only once. In addition t endremos that be careful with consumption data if we’re not in a Wi-Fi network, since we dies a waste in our data package in a few minutes of play.

battery expenditure will depend on the autonomy of each phone. High-end terminals maybe is not noticeable, but in lower-middle range will significantly reduce it if you are a long time running and jumping with Mario.

as released for this platform is already usual in Nintendo Games, if not an official prevent us enjoying our friend plumber so if you want to access Super Mario Run and we installed a custom ROM must return to a Stock ROM (official).

Mario has come to Android in official and free way (initially). Some pros and cons, but with the possibility of playing for the first time on Android, an official of the series title. You are those who will decide the fate of our hero in-store Play Store.

download Super Mario Run from Play Store

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