Study on data security: dealing with sensitive data in the workplace is too carelessly

nearly three quarters of the world’s workers would pass under certain circumstances confidential data to unauthorized persons. In Germany, there are even more. In addition, unsafe procedures when dealing with such data are apparently commonplace. The current data security study “ Dell end user security survey ” by Dell comes to these results. For the study research on behalf of Dell conducted dimensional an online survey in February and March 2017, 2608 professionals attended, who have access to confidential, sensitive or regulated data in their work. They come from companies with more than 250 employees and come from Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Canada and the United States. In Germany, 301 persons participated in the survey.

 Dell end user security survey 2017 (screenshot: ZDNet) according to the study, many employees to the disclosure of sensitive information to unauthorized persons are ready if certain circumstances speak. Worldwide that applies to 72 percent of those surveyed, in Germany to 82 per cent. 51 percent of employees in Germany (43 percent worldwide) would share such information among other things, when her superiors they urge, 37 percent (23 percent worldwide), when the risk for the company is very low and the potential benefits is very high. By German respondents, 31 percent would do it, so that they can perform their tasks more efficiently. Worldwide, there are 22 percent in comparison. 13 percent would pass on the info if the receiver can more efficiently do its tasks so.

 the disclosure of confidential data is widely used in companies (image: Dell) the disclosure of confidential data is widely used in companies (image: Dell)

also apparently unsafe practices are common when dealing with confidential data. In the survey, 61 percent of the study participants (46 per cent worldwide) conceded to access via a public Wi-Fi access to sensitive company data. 58 percent of respondents use private E-Mail accounts to work (50 per cent worldwide), 71 percent use public cloud services such as dropbox, in the workplace Google drive or iCloud use (56 percent worldwide) for Exchange of information or backups. In Germany, 53 percent of the respondents at least send confidential documents via email to service providers, and other external partners send (45 per cent worldwide).

specify at least 24 percent, to have ever lost a device which was used for work purposes. Worldwide there are 17 percent here.

employees leave their employer, as 51 percent take company information after all. Germany is here well above the global average of 36 percent.

in addition the study also shows that the employees actually feel responsible in high degree of data security and want to protect your company from damage. While they are facing but mostly two problems: the own insecurity and the limitation of their productivity.

 employees use corporate data often under unsafe conditions. (Bild: Dell). employees use corporate data often under unsafe conditions. (Image: Dell).

so 64 percent (65 percent worldwide) basically consider it as their own responsibility, to inform, to protect confidential information about possible risks and safe behaviors. Only 35 percent in Germany (36 percent) believe according to the study, really just to know how to protect sensitive company information. 25 per cent of the respondents (22 percent) fear that they one day accidentally making a mistake, causing damage to their company. 26 percent (21 percent) report of trouble, to keep pace with the ever-changing guidelines and policies. A fifth in Germany indicates that the security requirements of their IT Department will hinder them in their work. Worldwide, the percentage with 21 percent, just above.

“of course every company has different security requirements. Our study shows however, that it is extremely important for all the everyday tasks to understand – and thus also possible scenarios, in which inappropriate sensitive data deal with their employees”, says Ulrike Rüger, Sales Director and head of business unit client solutions, Dell Germany. “Then they can create clear and simple guidelines for these scenarios and combine them with targeted solutions for data and endpoint security. The goal must be to find the right balance between security and productivity.”

the full report is available at Dell for downloading .


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