Study: Germany is possible artificial intelligence (AI) KI-outrider

a stronger customer orientation and improves competitiveness – potential German enterprises according to the “State of IT” study of Salesforce have recognized research. In AI applications, they trump even the American economy, which otherwise actually front has the edge in digitization issues. Salesforce CRM had consulted worldwide 2200 companies for the study.


60 percent of 254 German decision makers interviewed in the study KI a transformative, substantial impact on your company measure to 2020. 59% are already using KI, 41 percent expect a growth in the next 12 to 18 months.

expect compared to that in the United States only 34 percent an increase in the use of KI in the coming one to one and a half years. Even 51 percent take advantage of intelligent machines in the UK and Ireland. Also a comes to this conclusion recent study by crisp research . Thus two-thirds of the companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are already dealing actively with machine learning. A fifth is already productive these technologies.

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digital Association BITKOM forecast for the global AI market this year a growth of 92 percent.)) The breakthrough ahead immediately so the BITKOM. By 2020, the market volume expected to 21.2 billion euros verfünffache.

“KI is the greatest opportunity for the German economy to remain competitive and to be able to compete worldwide at the top,” says Joachim Schreiner, Senior Vice President Central Europe Salesforce. “We are one of the world’s most powerful industrial Nations leader in engineering and manufacturing, the birthplace of many innovators that are 4.0 global pioneer in terms of IoT and industry. It is high time that the market leaders recognize the potential of KI and insert. KI will come? “The question is only when and who can fully exploit its potential.”

in the companies surveyed worldwide Salesforce reveals a surprising unity of customers and employees: both groups assume that KI induces a profound change in the relationship between companies and customers. Three-quarters of business customers and 51 percent of individuals expect that companies know their needs in the year 2020 before the initial contact and make relevant offers to them. Same hopes and internally link the sales staff with intelligent computers: sales expected KI growth of 139% over the next three years to offer customers products on the basis of their preferences.

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significantly restrained the colleagues in the IT departments are. Only expect that the use of KI by 30 percent in the next one to one and a half years is increasing. So lacking as many companies strategic planning to introduce concerning it. Because the Salesforce survey, only 20 percent of respondents IT decision makers have defined a KI-roadmap. According to BITKOM, only bright spot is the fact that 37 percent of the companies that plan to use of artificial intelligence, after all, want to introduce appropriate technologies within the next 12 to 18 months in a Department.


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