Study: Companies reduce their paper consumption

every second company wants to replace mail with digital communication and every fourth has digitized already mostly newer paper files. But three-quarters of the companies currently still at least half of the processes run in paper-based. These are the findings of a study of the digital Association BITKOM . Basis of the information provided is a representative survey, conducted by research on behalf of the BITKOM BITKOM. It surveyed 504 enterprises from a size of 20 employees. The questions were: “How have you digitized your paper files already?”, “Today more or less digital documents be printed in your company than a year ago?” and “hereafter I read you two statements about the postal mailing letters. Please tell me how the following statements apply to your company.”


whether material bills, timesheets and invoices – many operations are still on paper regulated. In 75 percent of the company, half of the processes running or more paper is based off, run at 19 percent even all processes on the basis of paper documents. Most companies will want to reduce their paper consumption. 56% of companies want to replace their mail with digital communication, this project also increasingly manages every third (32 per cent). Almost half (46 percent) of companies has already partially digitized newer paper files predominantly 19 percent even and at least 8 per cent have largely digitized all of its paper files. In 38 percent of the less will be printed as a year ago already, however more is printed in 13 percent.

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“many processes within a company can unwind thanks to digital technologies and the right software completely without paper. Was it easy to send E-Mails instead of letters, to capture the working time per app, or to manage invoices electronically”, says Jürgen Biffar, President and CEO of the area of competence of enterprise content management in the BITKOM. “By you upgrading from paper to digital documents, companies can make much faster and more efficient business processes. That saves you money – and even the environment.”

also is legal companies and authorities pave the way to the all-digital document management. On March 29, the Federal Cabinet adopted the law on the implementation of the eIDAS regulation of the EU. The “trust service law contained” facilitates the use of so-called electronic trust services – these include for example the digital signature, electronic time stamp or the electronic authorities, or company seal. The regulation ensures that electronic documents are recognised across the EU as valid. DISPLAY

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