Stratasys proposes new materials for 3D printing


Stratasys is one of the big companies related to the world of 3D, same printing you need to continue innovating and making 3D printing evolves at the pace that they mark if you don’t want to lose their privileged position within the sector. Thanks to this today can speak of the presentation of two new advanced materials baptized FDM Nylon 12CF as and Agilus30 .

as published in the press release, the FDM Nylon 12CF is a new composite material of high performance that can substitute for a range of applications metal and can be used with the patented own Stratasys FDM technology. This new material is ideal for rapid prototyping applications and even the manufacture of low-weight heavy duty tools.

let you delight by two new materials by Stratasys.

Yes we enter in their characteristics, the new material has a base of chopped carbon fibre 35%. This provides the, until now, best ratio weight of all thermoplastics marketed by the own Stratasys . As detail, let know you that this new material has passed all tests of functional performance so it is suitable to be used in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, industrial manufacturing…

in second place we have the material baptized as Agilus30 which has been designed to be used by designers and engineers in creating rubber and flexible prototypes. This material offers a more free to create flexible parts offering, in turn, great precision and detail when it comes to any type of task.

according to the comment from Stratays, this new material offers very similar performance to the rubber being, at the same time, compatible with the support solube SUP706. Thanks to these features, it is ideal to be used in modeling of delicate parts that will be subjected to constant bending and bent. A perfect example for the use of this material would be the sobremodelado, hinges, seals, stamps, seals, knobs, handgrip, manufacture of soft parts and even shooters.

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