Stock Tile: See share prices in real time with Excel Tile Stock

is a plugin for Excel that allows you to see in real time the price of the shares on your worksheet. in this way, join tiles that will show you the stock prices all in Excel. The extension uses the platform of Yahoo Finance as a source to display the information in the tile.

If you are a person who carries out financial reports, based on actions, and need connected to the stock market in real time Stock Tile will come of wonders to have all information in one place.

You must first add the snap-in Excel. You can do it from the link of the extension, or from Excel sheet ( insert – my applications and from here are looking for it). “

 you will have to know the ticker of every action you will need to know the ticker of each action

once done this, you will see a tile that you can place anywhere on the worksheet. To the mosaic it you can enlarge or shrink, depending on your needs.
At this point you need to place the ticker of the action, so that it becomes visible in the table of dialogue. “

 a very useful option for economists a very useful option for economists

but if what you need is to have several mosaics with different actions in real time, you can do it without any problem. Simply click on “ my applications”, select the add-in and opens it in a new tile, from which you will see a new action of the stock market. “

 you can open all tiles you need can open all tiles you need

actions are updated each a min, but if you want to update them manually, pinchas in mosaic and in the top right you will see an arrow, click on it and select “ reloaded ” : the action is update it immediately.

extension is really a very good service to make financial reports, the utility also lets you save the worksheet with all the tiles.  Stock Tile is a free supplement that is available for Excel and Power Point.

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