Stock market news: Yahoo sale brought CEO Marissa Mayer $186 million

Marissa Mayer, who joined Google 2012 from with the aim of Yahoo, in the road to success, to bring back the company leaves the Internet company after its sale to Verizon shares, stock options and restricted stock units valued at $186 million. This number is calculated on the basis of an Exchange duty message from Yahoo, as well as the closing price Monday of $48,15 times New York.

 Marissa Mayer (image: the entire share package can sell Mayer from June 8. Vote on the day the Yahoo shareholders about the merger with Verizon. Her salary from the past five years, nor any bonus payments are included in the amount. Overall, their compensation from the years to accumulate 2012 to 2017, to more than $200 million.

but Mayer’s remuneration for the year 2017 have been reduced. This was not their failure as CEO of Yahoo, but the handling of a hacker attack, who had led to the loss of data from about 500 million Yahoo users in 2014 but. The U.S. Government four men accused in this context in the past month, including two alleged members of the Russian secret service.

that has generous compensation according to the report, in the years 2012-2017 due to Mayer in particular the rise of Yahoo shares. The paper increased by 208 per cent in the period. Not the core Internet and E-Mail helped however, but the investments in Alibaba, China’s leading E-commerce company, and Yahoo Japan, which in turn is part of the Japanese group SOFTBANK.

the sales of the core business of Yahoo to Verizon means also for Marissa Mayer at Yahoo . The stake in the Alibaba group, Yahoo Japan, more minority stakes and Yahoo’s intellectual property remain after June 8 at Yahoo, called at that time Altaba. From the Web group is an investment firm.

new head and Marissa Mayer’s successor is Thomas McInerney, who was previously in the position of Director for the sale of its core business to Verizon. Under his leadership Altaba could separate the Exchange message according to its stakes in Yahoo Japan.

the documents also reveal that Altaba is also shareholder of the snap, the editor of Snapchat. Thus, Yahoo earned 2.3 million shares at a price of $10.86 million in March 2015. After a stock split, the number of shares increased to 4.6 million. At a share price of currently 21.20 dollars, the investment now has a value of $98 million. In addition, the company has been involved in Hortonworks, paperless, and SeatGeek. It estimates the value of its intellectual property to $740 million.


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