Stiftung Warentest: Galaxy S8 shows weaknesses in the case test

the Stiftung Warentest has Samsung’s new smart phones Galaxy S8 and S8 + tested Galaxy. In the test procedure, the testers have subjected the device also a drop test. As already the Galaxy S7 edge last year, the two with a curved screen glass-equipped Galaxy-S8 smartphones show weaknesses in this test category. Stiftung Warentest even mentions one “ disgrace”.

in a case drum with 80 centimeters height smartphones need to survive largely unscathed usually 100 falls of Stiftung Warentest, so that they are not counted in this checkpoint. Apart from small scratches or slight dents, most tested smartphones mastered the drop test without significant damage in recent years. The two S8 models were already 50 dash cracks and cracks on the displays, at the corners of the glass was shattered even.

 Galaxy S8 (image:

causes bad compared to other smartphones truncation in the drop test, that the two Samsung -smartphones not landing on the front seats. Because when it comes to technology and handling the Galaxy-S8 models according to the goods testers are top class. Last year, yet the Galaxy S7, which features no curved display glass, won the test. The S7 edge ended up in the midfield. Samsung refers to internal test procedure: “all Samsung smartphones are thorough tested, to meet our high quality standards. Part of it is a drop test, in which our smartphones are checked for their stability.”

 iPhone: the display glass is broken after already falling (image: smartphones are generally crashes very sensitive. The back of this iPhone was cracked after only a fall (image:

whether the testing procedures of the Stiftung Warentest is practical or not, is time question. Finally smartphones can already exhibit strong damage after a fall. However, the test shows that apparently devices sensitive with a curved glass front crashes than models with traditional glass front. This shows the poor showing of the Galaxy S7 edge last year, while the Galaxy S7 retracts the test victory with traditional front glass. Stiftung Warentest therefore advises users of the Galaxy-S8 models to use the equipment only with cover.


Galaxy S8: Samsung DeX in the practice test

with the docking station DeX to forget Galaxy-S8 users nothing less than conventional computers. The ZDNet practice test shows whether succeed or longing you get after a few minutes after his previous desktop system.

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