Steve Jobs Theater seems to be ready for the Apple Event of spring

 Steve Jobs Theater

latest news received indicates that the hypothetical future Apple event, in which we would know the new iPad is not carried out at the Steve Jobs Theater . The main reason is the delay in the works, which seem to indicate that the spring or even summer lengthen until well into.

the latest views images of Steve Jobs Theater don’t let doubt

Steve Jobs Theater can be found within the Apple Park whose works have planned that they will graduate next month. Rumors that aim at an Apple event in the coming weeks appear to dissipate when we observe the State where he is still mentioned theatre dedicated to the memory of the former CEO of Apple.

 Steve Jobs Theater Steve Jobs Theater halfway through March 2017

it is unknown what the status on the inside of the building remember that it’s an underground Theatre, but outside it still seems that there is enough work to be done. The evidence is clear, when you see much material outside waiting to be introduced in the theatre. Indeed, some point to that for the event, this would not be in the Steve Jobs Theater.

images of Apple Park allows us to get an idea of the State of the works

as it has done for months, Duncan Sinfield records images using a drone of the works of Apple Park whose images found the possibility of delay in the opening of the Auditorium.

the video shows from the air as they progress works, which seem to still have enough work ahead. Many trucks moving material from the main building, many protection and barriers, which indicates that they still have enough work ahead. Some of the trees have already been planted, but there is still much travel by cover of the green.

a despite all this, Apple is claiming that the first group of workers is may move to the new Campus next month while works continue to be launched. He is expected that even last 6 months and up to 12,000 employees to be transferred.

what do you think of the State of the works? Do you think that Steve Jobs Theater will be ready for the anticipated event? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

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