Stephen Hawking: “must abandon the land in 100 years”

climate change limited resources, hunger, diseases, pollution… things don’t sound very well if we take into account that Earth is a single and our treatment is far from being the best. Personally, I remain convinced that we can change, but there are many experts who believe in a future with permanent establishments in other planets. One of them is Stephen Hawking who essentially share your opinion as a warning: must abandon the Earth within the next 100 years to survive.

the British series Tomorrow’s World was one of the longest television devoted to science and technology. The world knew many advanced developments through its nearly 1,400 episodes, including first touch screens, pocket calculator and cellphone. The BBC fell thumb in July 2003, after 38 years without major interruptions. And now, he is about to return. Science needs more journalists and spokespersons than ever in this age of post-verdad denial of climate change, vaccines, and other horrors born in broths, political rejection. The new edition of Tomorrow’s World will be participants of very high-profile, and at the top of the list is Stephen Hawking … with a warning.

100 years to colonize the rest of the Solar System. Mars? The Moon? Moons Jovian?

Hawking and one of his old pupils Christophe Galfard will be in charge of the new documentary Expedition New Earth which will be issued during the next season of the series. The message that Hawking plans to communicate to the audience is strong: the Earth is running out of time, and if the human species plan to survive to catastrophic events as global warming, overpopulation and the impact of an asteroid and epidemics out of control, you need to find how to leave this planet and colonize another within the next hundred years . All eyes look to Mars, especially since SpaceX and NASA have announced their official plans, but other options are available, beginning with the moon.

it seems that Expedition New Earth will be aired by BBC Two, and definitely will not be alone. Other available works under the wing of Tomorrow’s World will be Fixing the Future, that touch the subject of antibiotic collapse, Operation, focused on medicine, and Toughest Job In The Universe, that will continue the training of twelve candidates to astronauts.

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