Spotify accuses Apple of abusing their “privileged status”

Spotify together with other companies are accusing Apple and Google abusing their privileged position in the market. thus we have seen it in a report in the Financial Times in that the letter presented by these companies is included to the European Commission in Brussels.

Apple and Google accused of abusing his privilege by Spotify

the letter sent to Brussels, and signed by several companies, not only Spotify, not directly accuses Apple if not that generalizes most all companies responsible for mobile operating systems, application stores and search engines. Spotify and his colleagues accuse the most famous of these sectors, Apple and Google to crimp the growth of these companies who sign the document such as Spotify, Deezer and Rocket Internet.

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these”fights”between companies are very typical. In this scenario we have two very large companies such as Apple and Google. both with operating system used worldwide by millions of people. These corporations is normal to shadow to others that are smaller like Spotify among others. It seems that small businesses want a regulation in this regard, to avoid this “unfair competition” which are accused corporations. To make this adjustment, small businesses have resorted to a Community authority, as it is the European Union’s institutions. Here I leave an explanation of the letter that has been sent to Brussels:

in the letter, CEOs write that this mismatch requires “specific rules that guide interactions between platforms and their business users”. Normally, a company is abusing its dominant position in the market would be covered by the competition act.

which will make the European Union? the European authorities are already thinking about a new regulation to regulate these clashes between large and small companies. Although it is rather complicated, since the European Commission has much work to control to companies as large as Apple and Google. although in my opinion I think that there must be a set of rules so there is no unfair competition. Everyone has the right to raise on its own merits and there is no hindrance to consciousness in the middle of that road.

these stones in the path of Spotify, placing Apple, are not new. Already their relations were very tense last year, when Apple rejected an update to Spotify on their terminals. It is obvious that the Cupertino company isn’t willing to your music streaming, Apple Music service does not have any type of opponent. But that is not the way, already that If you want to stand out above other platforms, you should work to improve it, and do not interfere with other projects.

 Spotify - Apple Music Apple Music and Spotify, a rivalry constant

will the European Commission take appropriate measures? Let us in the comments box all your opinions on the matter. And of course, any news on the matter, it reveal here, in Apple 5 × 1 .

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