South Korea tightened security regulations for battery

the Government in South Korea announced a tightening of the security provisions for batteries. Including controls on manufacturers to prevent future similar fiascos like the Samsung finally had to concede. Faulty batteries forced the company last fall, note 7 to take the Galaxy immediately after it starts from the market.

Samsung itself had blamed the end of January lack of quality controls for the debacle. This faulty batteries from two different suppliers remained undetected, which is later so strongly heated in normal use, that were in some cases fires – with damage – and also.

Samsung testet unter anderem, welchem Druck seine Akkus standhalten (Bild: Samsung). Samsung tests including its batteries to withstand whatever pressure (image: Samsung).

after the Government which confirmed earlier in the week survey of the Korean Agency for technology and standards published the result of investigations by Samsung. The Government is however not satisfied gives with the commitment of the company to introduce a multi-tiered security protocol, which accesses the production of smartphones.

to prevent such incidents in the future, all batteries made in South Korea shall already and not only then, as it is currently common practice while control of the production. In addition, battery manufacturer must can certify the safety of their products. The measures apply only to five years.


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a “The Ministry comes to the conclusion that these accidents could have been avoided, if the battery and Smartphonehersteller would have strengthened the controls during the production process and quality management”, says press release of the Ministry of trade, industry and energy (MOTIE).

the Ministry of trade, industry and energy, also announced, to revise the system for the recall of faulty mobile phones. Details to be elaborated up to October this year and incorporated in an amendment to the product safety act.

that note 7 batteries of the Galaxy came initially from Samsung’s own production. For the units, which were given to customers after the first recall, the company moved the suppliers. They were manufactured by the Chinese supplier of ATL. According to reports, to negotiate with the Japanese company Murata Samsung now also to get batteries for its upcoming premium Smartphone Galaxy S8 from her. In the case, at least the announced State controls battery manufacturers would not attack because they apply only to South Korean provider.


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