SoundVolumeView: Controls the entire sound on your computer

classic Windows volume control has received some modifications with the passage of versions, which indeed do not favor him at all. There are many things on a computer with the ability to become a component of audio and operating system not always presents all relevant information. It is likely that on more than one occasion the user requires some kind of plug-in, and this is when to intervene SoundVolumeView Nirsoft small application that identifies the active audio, and if necessary, components silence them.

web browsers developers were forced to integrate an indicator based on a small speaker so that users can identify more easily to tabs that are playing audio. When you click on that speaker audio is muted immediately, and beyond its limitations, works pretty well. The next step requires a visit to the traditional volume control in Windows, presenting in general slippers for the speakers, sound system, and any other application that runs as a component of audio (el navegador web es un ejemplo) . Now, if what you want is greatest precision when it comes to managing those components, you will need a little external help.

all components are registered in the interface

make a place to SoundVolumeView Nirsoft developed by the fabulous tool which identifies all active audio components, presents data from low level on each, and silences them with single-key (F7) . Exact percentages of volume, its equivalent in decibels, internal levels minimum and maximum, the scale of change, number of channels, identifiers and associated processes are part of the basic information that gives SoundVolumeView . Other options within the program allow us to alter the behavior of the mouse as a volume control wheel (ya sea usando CTRL o uno de sus botones) and how big will be the change in (deel 1 ael 10 por ciento) .

SoundVolumeView follows the same line of other programs created by Nirsoft, to be completely portable and have no dependencies. The unique technicality to highlight is that it does not support Windows XP . Your minimum is Windows Vista in 32- or 64-bit versions.

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