Soon the new Fab Lab tourism of Lyon can visit

 Fab Lab

Interestingly the city of Lyon must face a problem unusual bastate and is that the same known has as House of the Chamarier a cultural asset of about 1,000 m2 of surface close to the Cathedral of San Juan , a place located in a very privileged area that should be used with a cultural purpose to benefit investments that must be made to keep it.

entering a little more in detail, highlighting that the House of the Chamarier, basically the home once occupied by the intendant of finances of the Bishop of Lyon, was built in the 14th century. This House, since she belonged to a senior official of the bishopric, had certain characteristics that make it unique as it can be a cordon of stone skirting across the fahcada, a spiral staircase twisted or windows that do not have studs.


with all this in mind, the Lyon authorities is les has not occurred anything open a new Fab Lab on the ground floor. This will provide all interested visitors an interactive experience where discover the old Lyon through the newest technologies of the time. An example of this, as is noted in the press release, is that visitors can literally create a replica of the great metropolitan Temple through 3D printing or know the history of the place through a Smartphone application.

the distribution of this Fab Lab in Lyon will be in the following manner:

  • Hall of the model: as indicates its name in this Hall will be present a model of the old part of the city format traditional and actually increased.
  • the laboratory: next to the living room of the model will find, after large glazed sliding doors, a multi-purpose space where all kinds of conferences, will take place is impratira training and even several startup connected with the world of applications will take place.
  • manufacturing Digital Workshop: in the basement of the House, will be installed a workshop equipped with professional machines for engraving and cutting laser, scanners and 3D printers, traditional computer and useful equipment.

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