SOLSOL: Cap with solar panels to charge your mobile phone

are tired of running from one side to another to search a sockets while you lose enjoy a beautiful day in the Park? Forget that! Now he can walk outdoors taking sunset SOLSOL, a cap with solar panels to charge your mobile phone .

a reality experienced by mobile users is the subject of the battery. In recent times have been implemented several alternative solutions to this problem and today we are presenting one of them. SOLSOL, is a cap with solar panels to charge your mobile phone . While the sun shines, you can go for a walk put Cap with to charge your mobile phone, iPhone, iPod and other devices with USB as GoPro cameras Chargers and portable battery chargers. Works in a simple way: just plug the USB cable of your device on the back of the CAP, put it to you and go for a walk in the Sun.

SOLSOL load the device when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Charging time when the CAP is left in the constant exhibition of the Sun varies according to the device. This is because the battery size differs between devices, together with the way in which the user is using it and how many applications are open at the same time. It is also important to clarify that loading a device (smartphones in particular) you should avoid rapid intermittent sun exposure, since this may reduce the battery’s charge. This happens because screen can turn on and turn off and suck all battery.

the CAP does not include or batteries are needed since it uses the solar panels that are located on the hood to take advantage of solar energy. Only required the USB cable of your own device to begin charging. SOLSOL is the ideal alternative for those who do not have electricity or for those who believe in the power clean since the use of this cap reduces CO2 emissions. Created by UniqueCreativeIdeas SOLSOL Cap sold in different colors and designs at a price of $ 56 and you can buy yours Click here .

official site: SOLSOL

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