So will be the future Apple Store located in the Carnegie of Washington Library

New York, Beijing, Mexico and now… Washington DC . Apple always looking for major cities level to establish its Apple Store, but now comes the turn to choose landmarks. Carnegie Library the next Apple store in Washington DC

for many people was a big surprise they chose those of Cupertino Grand Central station to locate the largest Apple Store around the world. This place is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city of New York but seems to be not the last surprise. Apple is already working to catch another landmark in the United States for a new Apple Store, the place chosen is Washington DC .

 future Apple Store in Carnegie Library Washington DC future Apple Store in Carnegie Library Washington, DC

the capital of the United States will pick up a new Apple Store in e the Carnegie Library building . It is one of the most historic buildings in the capital. We are talking about a building where Apple will have a great complexity when it comes to transform and remodel a building of this magnitude.

the Apple Store in the most emblematic of cities

here buildings in Spain, many major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia have a Apple Store in emblematic buildings. The Puerta del Sol in Madrid hosts one of the most important buildings in the Spanish capital one of the Apple Store in Spain .

Although the next Apple store in Washington DC will occupy an important building within the city. The Cupertino will have to make an important effort (both money and resources) to restore a building with so much history and respecting its original architecture. While it is true that Apple will make an Apple Store in the Carnegie Library, the California firm will continue to use this building as a cultural center.

 future Apple Store in Carnegie Library Washington DC

House concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events so the Carnegie Library does not lose its essence. They have not yet confirmed it, but many analysts already speak of the possibility that Apple made some training sessions in this place. This ancient Center of culture is located just a few metres from the White House (in the heart of Washington DC). It is one of the sites most visited in Washington by what is expected to be one of the largest Apple Store with influx of people in the future.

the Mayor of the city has already given the go-ahead operation and in a few hours is expected the project to the Commission of the Council so that they finish give the ok to the operation.

there is no date for the opening of the Apple Store in the American capital, but it is estimated that in the period of one or two years we can see this new Apple store.

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