so will be the 69 new icons that we will see in iOS

iPhone with iOS 11 can count on 69 new emojis

the last November the Unicode Consortium team present to all users, before its official launch, a set of 51 new emoji that would be launched this year, 2017.

Despite this, the Organization has published today the full list of all the emojis, a total of 69, which will be present in the new update which will be launched next month of June, just in time for integrating it with the next version of the mobile operating system from Apple, iOS 11 .

The new emojis will arrive from June of 2017

the new update of the Emoji will be 5.0 and this will contain, as already mentioned, 69 new icons and they will be available, in an official way, starting from the month of June of 2017.

While the image we can see below, the new icons, are still a few sketches, we can see that we may soon use the following emojis:

  • a
      Tyrannosaurus Rex a siren

    • new vegetables new types of foods people
    • people who make climbing yoga Elves
    • geniuses of
    • new animal (zebra lamp (, giraffe, Porcupine) new flags
    • a UFO

    among many others.

    The emojis show more and more every day to improve the communication

    of course, increasingly we have emojis with which users can feel identified and that can use through their iPhone and iPad with the official arrival of iOS 11.

    do you like the new icons that launch the team of Unicode? What are your favorite? Do you think that until the month of June, these will be the only ones to be carried out or be more emojis available for chat ?

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