So see the new Apple Store in Dubai

in recent years, Dubai has been characterized for being one of the cities most important of the region. With a attractive tourist and commercial it was able to earn a place in the world.
Reasons enough that Apple put the eyes in this fabulous city and decides to open the doors of your second Apple Store .

 visitors at the new Apple Store in Dubai visitors at Dubai’s new Apple Store

new Apple Store in Dubai, design, art and technology in one place

the latest Apple Store that have opened their doors are a new concept, where the technology is present but the design and visual appeal occupy a prominent place in its creation.

the place chosen for this new Apple Store is the Dubai Mall . A great Mall hosting brands stores more exclusive to the world such as Cartier, Armani, Tiffany & Co. among others.

under the concept of today “Apple” where educate and inspire is the goal, the new Apple Store to offer customers more. Try each one of its products, participate in workshops, and also enjoy events with live music, conversations with famous filmmakers, and more.

 music live at the Apple Store in Dubai live music at the Apple Store in Dubai

new Apple Store account with amazing views, opposite Dubai source and in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa . But in addition to its visual appeal, it has advanced technology.

to deal with the harshness of the desert climate that presents city, Apple has provided shop 18 Mobile panels. Which have been manufactured in carbon fibre, measuring almost 55 meters of height and is adapted to different environmental conditions. Closing to cover the burning desert sun and keep the interior cool, to then open (as if wings were) to give a public terrace step when the heat low intensity. On this terrace visitors can enjoy the best views of the city and show that every evening offers Dubai source . “

 public on the terrace of the Apple Store in Dubai public on the terrace of the Apple Store in Dubai

Apple is working very hard to open new stores around the globe. And the latest openings have been very important. New renovated design, large bright spaces and activities for users.

changes that also will be reflected in the current stores which today are open, to adopt this new concept . How we met already in the reform project of the iconic Apple Store 5th Avenue in New York City.

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