So it will be Mac Pro modular according to this concept

 Mac Pro modular

a week have taken the most creative online launch a concept of the new Mac Pro modular that was announced last week . This modular Mac Pro was very well received by the public, already the possibility to update the components to your liking and in a simple way like that aims to have Apple on their device, may end up falling in love with many users.

new concept of Mac Pro modular similar to the Mac Mini

the design presented by designers CURVED have enshrined it in a video uploaded to YouTube. I leave this video I below before continuing with my personal opinion, to not move forward you details.

at first glance, we can see a completely different design regarding the Mac Pro that we know today, moving to a style very similar to the Mac mini with regard to housing and also a screen of the Apple brand, in which frames are almost non-existent, take advantage of all the available space.

to make a change of the internal components of the Mac Pro, these designers have proposed that the sides can rotate in a simple way that will leave slots that will give us the possibility to add or remove processor, RAM or storage units.

in the upper part, have holes, that will be the cooling system to be used. At the front, find something that is inherited from the next generation of MacBook Pro, the Touch Bar which will give us access to the information of the components. at the rear are ports, something very important, because this Mac is intended to professionals, giving you a great use to these ports.

This Mac Pro expected great performance, which is required by many professions, and is for this reason that the public who requests it will be happy with this design and the modular concept.

do you what do you think of this concept of the Mac Pro? Let us all your impressions in the comments box.

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