Snapmaker, a 3D printer that can be yours for less than 300 euros

Kickstarter campaign . Personally I must confess that the idea that there are just following the creation of Snapmaker found me more than interesting, even so, go more in detail.


Snapmaker, an interesting way to get a 3D printer, engraver laser and CNC milling machine for a little more of 450 euros.

as you can see in the photos, one of the features that draw more attention of this machine is its care while simple modular design which, in turn, allows that you can mount it and remove it from a very simple and quick way. In a first module, we find it would be 3D printer that offers us a print volume of 125 x 125 x 125 mm layer of between 50 and 300 Micron resolution.

if we exchanged this module by engraver laser we find a system composed of a 500 mW laser and a wavelength of 405 mm. Thanks to all this and according to those responsible for Snapmaker we can work with materials such as bamboo, wood, leather, plastic, paper, fabric… Finally not cannot ignore the CNC milling machine a module that is notable for its speed of rotation adjustable between 2,000 and 7,000 RPM that can be used with wood, PBC and acrylic.

in terms of software, something that we have to take into account, note that this model of printer can be used from the software developed by its creators or directly by applications, fully compatible, as a cure, Simplify 3D or Slic3r.

If you want to get a unit, let know you that the price base Snapmaker is a -EUR 285 although this amount will receive only the 3D printer. To add any of the two module will have to disburse about 70 euros . The delivery of the first units to their owners is scheduled for September of this same year 2017.

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