“Snapchat adds a new widget that brings together your friends in the form of Bitmoji

 Snapchat widget Bitmoji

Snapchat not gives up, despite the continuing inspiration of Facebook by applying updates to Snapchat, yellow social network is introducing news to your iOS application. If yesterday was Apple which points to updates on the day of today Snapchat he has decided to release important news as for example a new widget in which, will allow us users to instantly start a conversation touching on the Bitmoji of your friend.

Snapchat Widget with Bitmoji

this move by the developers of Snap arrives when the courier is booming by technology companies. For all our readers who are not in the Snapchat acquired Bitmoji and its parent company, Bitstrips last year by some 65 million dollars . Remember that Bitmoji is an application of iOS which allows users to create custom emoji characters and integrate them directly into Snapchat.

 snapchat bitmoji widget

image as you can see in the image above to these letters, this new Snapchat widget allows users to start a conversation with any of our friends directly from the widget in iOS. This feature is available in the tab ‘Today’ in lock screen or home screen and in the notification Center, while to all Android users, this new feature is on the Smartphone home screen.

how can I add this widget to your iPhone or iPad?

is simple, if we know how to add this widget we are going you to explain. To do this you must follow these steps, go to the bottom of “Today” tab until you find the option ‘Edit’ click on this option and look for the Snapchat icon. Once have found you, click on the button “+” next to Snapchat you will see the Bitmoji of your Snapchat “Best Friends” characters. If you press on such Bitmoji, opens us immediately chat messages in the application itself from Snapchat.

If you have an Android device, the process is quite similar. First looks for a clean area of your home screen where you want to place this widget, then makes a press long before you can add this widget and ready. After that you have already installed the widget, you can pick the four contacts or friends that you want to include in this widget .

 snapchat bitmoji

this way of developing Android widget allows more customization for users of Android on the iOS, however, the idea is the same for both operating systems. The network social yellow focuses on private messages more than other platforms like Facebook, but the most popular feature of Snapchat are their “Snapchat Stories”.

this last option, was recently added in other applications of the competition Instagram (Instagram Stories), WhatsApp (WhatsApp Status), Messenger of Facebook (Messenger Day) or the own Facebook . However, the application of Snap has continued updating and expanding your own application with new messaging capabilities, new features of augmented reality, resulting in continuous improvements.

the latest version with support for the new Bitmoji widget now available on Android and iOS free under the number of version 10.4 on both platforms. Run and update your application to enjoy this new feature.

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