Snake, the Windows malware, arrives to macOS

one of the most famous malware on Windows, the so-called “Snake” has come to the Apple operating system, macOS. the Apple computer security is again committed to this malware that has crossed the border between Windows and macOS. In this article we tell you t all the details of this malware and all the key s to that end up not infected.!

Snake comes disguised in the Adobe Flash Installer

this malware comes very quietly, something that will make that many users may end up infected with this malware. This is because format that has come to macOS is through going to an Adobe Flash Installer. very reliable, isn’t it?

 Installer Snake Adobe installer infected with the malware Snake | Source: MalwareBytes

If this malware puts us on the target, download the .zip file with installer inside. If unzip it find the file called Adobe Flash Player . So far it seems that everything is identical. How can we distinguish an installer that has this malware from another that is clean? In the developer who signed it. It is very important to be sure that the developer who sign the files that we are going to install is legit. in this case, the installer that will infect us Mac comes signed by Addy Symonds and not by Adobe.

when we open this installer is signed by a developer other than Adobe, being asked for the password and will forward our an identical to the Adobe Flash Player installer . Therefore anyone who isn’t obsessed security will fall quickly and will deliver all data to give internal permissions. All of our information will be compromised and may be used by anyone.

there are forms of avoid BREW this type of software on your device and is activating Gatekeeper on your Mac. As I explained above, the only difference between the official installer of Adobe and who possesses Snake is the developer who signed it. To avoid they slip us not only this, if not other software from unknown developers, is very advisable to have activated Gatekeeper.

this functionality of Apple, will filter all installers we are trying to run on your Mac. I.e. only give work to those who come from the Mac App Store, or to sign a Certified Developer If you downloaded it from a third-party page. With this, whenever we install an unrecognized program, send us a notice, although we will ignore it and continue with the process, although already if it infects you Mac, the fault is yours because Apple you will be notified.

 Malware Snake Snake can take over all your personal information

to activate this functionality that I commented, you have to access the system preferences, in the section on security and privacy. There you must activate “allow applications from: Mac App Store and certified developers” . So your Mac will be somewhat safer and prevent these software containing for example Snake.

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If you’re already infected, you must format your Mac to factory State.” And if you need support, go to your nearest Apple Store.

source | MalwareBytes

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