Smartphone repair statistics: Munich and Hamburg need deeper in the Pocket Access

mobile repairs are very costly in Munich. Repair costs 115 euros on average, four in five selected cities place. The repairs in Hamburg with 130 euro, however, are more expensive – in Cologne, there are only 89 euro. Munich therefore but not more cautiously deal with their Smartphone, on the contrary. So, Munich recorded three times more repairs as for example Berlin in proportion to the number of inhabitants, as shown in the repair stats of clickRepair.

clickRepair has analyzed repair data of the past twelve months. With more than 400 mobile workshops nationwide clickRepair covers currently almost a third of the entire mobile workshops in Germany according to own. That a claim is the most commonly affected, also of clickRepair figures: over 70 percent display damage and nearly 10 percent Akkudefekte lists the portal nationwide. The rest are for example technical defects.

 the display of the iPhone 7 plus to the broadside and opens up (image: iFixit). the display of the iPhone 7 plus to the broadside and opens up (image: iFixit).

the average price of a cell phone repair is 95 euros nationwide – for a display repair 150 euros. The repair prices vary but strongly depending on the Smartphone model. While a display repair for an iPhone costs 7 proud 320 euros, there are only 50 euros at the Wiko Lenny. The prices vary but not only according to the model, but also to regions in Germany. So for example the repair prices of all possible repairs in Cologne with an average of 89 euros are the lowest, followed by Hanover (€90) and Berlin (95 euros).

 repair prices Germany (image: clickRepair) repair prices Germany may 2017 (image: clickRepair)

Munich (115 euros) and Hamburg (130 euro) make the final light. There, consumer repair need to access deeper in the Pocket – this costs so that all 30 percent more than for example in Cologne. “Who brings little more time and a few days on his Smartphone do without, should think about a shipping repair”, explains Marco Brandt, Managing Director of clickRepair.

with 50 percent are Apple -Smartphone those who most frequently repaired about clickRepair. More than are together Samsung and Sony, which, however, only 20 percent of clickRepair repairs. The remaining 10 percent split in HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia and more models. Even though Apple has the highest percentage of repairs, the cost of a display damage with 140 euros are cheaper than at Samsung almost 25 percent.

“even the older iPhone generations of the 4 to 5s be repaired yet. Together they account for 40 percent of all Apple repairs, this speaks for the radiance of the brand”, as Brandt reported. For ASUS – and Google Smartphone user display damage is also painful – here on an average of 230 euros costs. The display repairs of smartphones by WIKO are particularly favorable, however, with 55 euro, where the purchase price of current models of the manufacturer is also only around 100 euros. Also the Finnish manufacturer Nokia with around 80 euros has similar repair prices.

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