Smartphone practice tip: phone numbers block

who was once torn in the middle of the night in his sleep by an unknown caller, it would experience no second time. It must be also. Most smartphones offer a locking function. Let usually individual numbers, but block all anonymous numbers.

number block

the Galaxy S7, this function is also available at Android 7 available. You can see the history of the phone in the phone app. There you choose the question number and click on “Details”. Now type on the three points above right or long click on the number itself. In both cases, it appears “number lock” to choose from. The note “block number – once you have locked down the numbers, you get no calls or messages from them” appear by tapping on it. This is confirmed with a click on “OK”. Who does not want to block the question number tap “Cancel”.

the block was confirmed, appears a blue prohibition sign icon next to “Number”. When a phone call from a blocked number takes place, it does neither the phone, yet you will be notified. However, it appears the blocked call in the telephone history. First, the caller of a blocked number will hear a dial tone, and then the busy tone.

 Samsung Galaxy S7: individual numbers and anonymous calls can block (image: Samsung Galaxy S7: individual numbers and anonymous calls can block (image:

anonymous number generally block

also, it is possible to block incoming calls from people who suppress their caller ID display. Enabled for this one in the phone app in settings – call settings – locks – the option number “Anyonyme calls lock”.

phone number identify

is also the service “Identify not stored numbers” available under call settings in the Galaxy S7. This is a third-party service of from US company Hiya . When receiving a call or a text message arrives, she will be matched first with the database by Hiya. Worldwide, the company has saved over 600 million numbers in the United States and about 1.5 billion numbers. If a spam callers not yet in the database is listed, you can sign the appropriate number to Hiya so that in the future other participants are no longer harassed by this number.

spin-off from white pages was created from a

Hiya. The service is available via a iOS – and Android app also for other smartphones available.

number unblock

blocked phone numbers can also be unlocked. This works the same as in the block. Except that now the three points long tap on the number as an option top right or the “Unblock numbers” will be shown. Tapping on it, will be activated, without that in addition, a message is displayed. The blue prohibition symbol next to “Number” appears now no longer.

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