Skype for Linux beta available

Microsoft has deployed Skype for Linux 5.0 Beta download. Published Aphaversion of the communication solution follows the beta on one already in July 2016. The developers want to have used the time “to create a new experience, which harmonizes with the current Skype change from peer-to-peer to a modern Cloud architecture”.

 Skype (image: Microsoft)

the step to the Skype Beta brings not only performance improvements and bug fixes. In a blog the Skype team rather new features turns out, that were most frequently required and therefore implemented by users.

calls to mobile phones and landlines with Skype credits are possible. Single video calls can do with users of the latest versions of Skype for Android iOS, Windows and Mac Linux users.

the collaboration aims to improve that split screens by other Skype desktop client to see are (on Windows as of version 7.33, or Mac from 7.46) from Linux. The unity Launcher now shows the number of unread conversations, while online contacts in the contact list status information such as “Absent” or “Do not disturb” is added.

with the Alpha version for Linux used the client application the WebRTC standard and Skype’s new call architecture. But most striking innovation was the updated interface. Group calls and chats were possible, also files, photos and videos could be forward, as well as access to a variety of new emoticons.

the developers described the alpha but as a not yet fully-functional version. Such restrictions no longer is in the now released beta version. The Skype team still wants feedback and assured: “We listen!”


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