SK Hynix confirmed that the memory GDDR6 will come in 2018

memory GDDR5 has become a kind of standard for the high-end graphics cards. Some less expensive options use DDR3, and we have seen many advances in memory HBM2, but the people of SK Hynix announced a new chip GDDR6 of eight gigabits. Its speed is 16 Gbps by pin, which translates into some creepy 768 gigabytes per second with a 384-bit bus. The first product to use GDDR6 will be Nvidia Volta architecture whose launch is scheduled for the year 2018 .

thinking of buying a graphics card? We are definitely going through a good moment. AMD and Nvidia do not stop to Exchange blows, and the call ‘mid-range’ does not have nothing media to be honest. What you should do is to seek the best relation between price and performance, prepare your computer, and take the leap. If the budget has not limits, there are always things like Nvidia Titan Xp and there are many fans of AMD out there waiting to see what offers RX Vega . Becomes a bit difficult to think of the future of graphics cards when their present has copies of such high performance, but we already know well how this works. The 4K was installed completely, however, several companies began the first experiments in 8K, and graphic cards which need to process this content will have to chewing pixels as if they were candy . Optimize the architecture always is useful, but what about the memory…?

memory GDDR6 give you a card like the Titan Xp more than 200 extra GB/s of bandwidth

at this time, what better market is based on HBM2, GDDR5, and GDDR5X, but SK Hynix announced a new chip of memory GDDR6 . The chip has a capacity of 8 gigabits, with a maximum speed of 16 Gbps pin . The final parameters depend on the needs of the manufacturer, but by way of example, SK Hynix said that it amounts to a bandwidth of 768 gigabytes per second over a 384-bit bus. If we compare that number with memory GDDR5X in the Titan Xp, the new GDDR6 take you advantage 220 GB/s. As if outside, the operating voltage will be a ten percent lower.

the strongest candidates to be used for the first time to memories GDDR6 Hynix are cards of architecture Volta to Nvidia launch in 2018 . Volta down its manufacturing process to 12 nanometers, and also expected the adoption of HBM2 on some models.

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