Siri Speaker, the Apple product that would in 2017 WWDC

in past months it was contemplating the possibility of that Apple launched the competition along with the Google Home and Amazon Echo, but the rumor died as the step time. It has recently become to speak of the same rumor though with a little more detail. Sonny Dickson, a user on Twitter that is dedicated to the filtration of some information regarding Apple has commented about this new product, Siri Speaker. It thinks that it could in WWDC 2017.

Siri Speaker, a new product that would in 2017 WWDC

an internal source within Cupertino did get the comment that Apple is working on the designs on the speaker based on Siri. Dickson said to be marketed under this latter, more an aggregate of AirPlay (which could work as a speaker for audio) and it will take something of inside Beats technology (audio output).

the speaker would have controls and a mesh covering the entire device, in addition to its design will draw attention since it would seem to a Mac Pro, but in small.  siri

in terms of software, is not required to that operating system will be but speculated that it could mount a version of iOS but lighter and not with the same functions. Would not have a screen as but would have to have an operating system itself given that Siri will run on the speaker. surely this new device will be open to developers, so that applications in some way to interact with the speaker.

is a product like this necessary?

is true that the Apple product catalogue is sufficient, but lately, new trends such as virtual/augmented reality, autonomous cars and smart homes models have been tested to Apple. On the one hand it is HomeKit, something that Apple worked for a long time and is having its recognition. Reality virtual/augmented is something that is said that I could soon with iPhone 8, but no more information. On the autonomous cars recently was unveiled that Apple technology is being tested and to be successful Apple could have a new opportunity to do business at large.  Siri, Alexa

in terms of this new product, would be a complement to bet on users and not so much competition. the Apple TV is currently the center of entertainment for the Cupertino, and can probably see more updates that can offer a new experience. Apple is currently with the mind in original content, and if this new product is released in WWDC 2017 or in subsequent months, Apple will concentrate on several points and not to neglect a product you are currently having great demand and is in the sight of all, iPhone.

what do you think about the possible Siri Speaker? Do you think that it will become a reality? Share your opinions with us in the comments box.

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