Siri can read your WhatsApp messages!

the weekend talked with a friend that much riding on bike. Swift and fast style of Centella, flows through the city every day, from home to the office, the office at the Agency, from here to there, from there to here.

And said me that bored him receive WhatsApp messages on your iPhone because, unlike the iMessage, not could you ask Siri to read them is (Yes. Siri can read your iMessage messages so you don’t have to read them). 

And it is not but he said that WhatsApp lanzara, yesterday, an update to its app for iOS that now enables Siri read pending messages (requires iOS 10.3). Remember that several months ago Siri could send WhatsApp messages, just as it did for years with emails and messages from iMessage. 

In this case the easiest is to have active “Hey Siri” [Ajustes > Siri > Permitir “Hey Siri”] and activate it to saying “Read me Siri pending whatsapp messages”. Siri will tell you who they are and will read them [ifforsomereasonafterupgradingtheWhatsAppAppthefunctionalitydoesn’tgoto settings > Siri > application support and make sure that WhatsApp is on] .

Apropos of the topic, knew that Siri can announce (a voice) who is calling ?

Enjoy Josephus!

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