“Siri and augmented reality working on a concept of the iPhone 8

 concept iPhone 8 augmented reality

8 iPhone, the device which already 7 and 7 Plus is was talking about at the end of 2016 shortly after the departure of the iPhone brings inspiration to a designer. Gábor Balogh has created a very interesting concept which incorporates augmented reality functions, but the most surprising thing is that Siri takes part in this scheme. screen OLED could serve much since, as it has been speculated previously, function area could give a new approach to the area which is now dedicated to the Home button what this concept also includes it in a very colourful way. 

Siri and augmented reality, the future of the iPhone 8?  Siri and augmented reality in iPhone 8

we know that Apple is working with augmented reality that we could see in the future, we do not know if this will be the year that Apple can uncover. The intention of this concept is that iPhone 8 to identify the environment where we are i.e. by having raised the iPhone as if we were to take a photograph, device will identify what we have before us and our around. The screen would be semi-transparent and the button would be digital, Siri not only would listen to us but it could support itself with what the iPhone is looking and could predict what we need at that particular moment.

Siri would have greater role and could serve as a true virtual assistant, something that today is not as complete as we would like.

concept based on patent and recent rumours, is not so outlandish as it seems  augmented reality concept iPhone 8

rumored that some additions that will be surprising in September, as a new camera in 3D which will be facial recognition that will interact with applications and games come. An area of functions as it was rumored it some weeks ago, in which it is presumed will have some shortcuts to be more productive with the iPhone. 

the idea of the concept is not crazy, he’s talking about technologies that Apple is no longer seen in patents and some rumors. If Apple is making inroads in fact increased within their research centers, will have to be waiting for the iPhone 8. not given, Apple will surely 2018 as a year where you can reinvent itself finally, although all hope that innovation comes in September with the iPhone 8

what do you think of this concept? Do you think the future iPhone, or has chance to become reality in the short term? Share your opinions with us in the comments box.

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