Siemens brings 3D printing to the manufacture of railway


Siemens is one of the companies most is bringing for bringing 3D printing to all sectors and therefore on this occasion, have reached an agreement with the company Stadwerke Ulm/New Ulm Verkehr GmbH a German manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of services related to the world of transportation, so they begin to use different techniques of 3D printing in their production chains.

on this occasion, as in the title of this entry, Siemens has managed that 3D printing is used in the manufacture of parts for trams. For this finally opted for the use of the Fortus 3D printer 900 mc same that it has come Stratasys Production Catalogue . As he has been said from the German company, this action has been that parts that took to be weeks do so in just several days.

siemens manages to bring 3D printing to the construction of railways.

as has commented Tina Eufinger the area of development of business and the Siemens Mobility division manager:

since we incorporate the Stratasys Fortus 3D printer 900mc Production to the manufacturing process, can offer production services for finished parts much more flexible and tailored to the needs of each of our clients.

before integrating 3D printing in production, we had to manufacture a small number of parts, just storing that unfilled until they are used, be provided or were obsolete for use, with the Fortus 900 mc, we can create a design fully customize it with specific requirements, optimize it several times before you print it in 3D. Thus, production time is reduced from weeks to days, and the process is sufficiently profitable to expand our range of services including the production of unique pieces.

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