Shorteners.NET: Know where the shortening more pay and their rates updated daily

one of the last sites I was doing is called . You know that I’m focusing enough on the shortening of links that pay; the first was URL MultiShortener, it is now the turn of:

a new site where knowing the main shortening rates and other relevant information works tracing every so often the rates of payment of the major shortening of links that pay . Similar to page connects, but shape automatic – and I believe that it is the only site that does this-:

  • makes the average taking into account all the countries to order them in the ranking. 
  • Furthermore it is possible to select a country to see the rankings for the chosen territory.
  • if a Shortener is down alerts of this and it is still possible to continue knowing rates.
  • you have a bot for Twitter that indicates changes in rates, but I’m still polishing it.

to be more specific; the average is carried out taking into account all the countries and applying the global rate when necessary to so have a real world average rate and not only an average of published rates.

and regarding rates updates, really made every half an hour, not on a daily basis. Although this could change soon.

a mi me has already been of great help to know changes in rates that otherwise would have gone unnoticed; Give us account administrators of these sites only warn us when rates rise, not to the contrary.

If you are interested in the technical aspect; It is made only with JavaScript, as well as logically HTML and CSS in the visible part. This is thanks to Node.js, thing that I recommend to investigate if you don’t know it, and I like programming.

some of the features that I hope to implement at some point are:

  • possibility of vote or rating shortening. Although it is possible to leave comments via Disqus widget.
  • receive emails with changes in rates. You can also consult on Twitter’s site and that by not be working as I would like I postergaré its launch.

I hope your suggestions so that this site will be more useful. A strong greeting to all.

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